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About Debbie

  • Over six years experience supervising a variety of professionals

  • Post Graduate Certificate in Professional Supervision (Level 8)

  • Over 20 years as a supervisee

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Professional Supervisor

  • in education as a Social Worker in Schools

  • in statutory care, involving court work

  • in health, within a hospital setting, general practice and a supporting community organisation

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Fields of Practice

  • A manager, co-founder of a youth trust, a board chair and board member

  • Worked in many team settings, social work and multidisciplinary

  • A sole worker, knowing the challenges of isolation and startup work

My Experience

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Woman, partner, mother, sister, friend, dachshund owner, cat employee, artist, coffee and chat devotee, book group member and

ebike commuter

Debbie Hollebon

  • working with families

  • dementia

  • group work

  • facilitation of professional meetings

  • training

  • not-for-profit sector

  • health

  • education

  • child protection

Social Work

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Some details

  • I approach my supervision from a reflective practice standpoint. This offers a space for people to review their practice and grow their skills in accordance with their own goals.


  • I am keen to discuss with you your self-care, work life balance, safe practice and safe boundaries in the workplace.

  • live in Nelson but happily work online.


  • I am:

    • an attentive, warm listener

    • logical

    • honest

    • respectful

    • a person who values humour


  • I enjoy:

    • a coffee with friends

    • belonging to a book group

    • dabbling in oil painting

    • walking


  • My partner and I have adult children, who we wish lived in Nelson, but it does mean we know Christchurch and Dunedin quite well! However, we share our home with a dachshund and a long-suffering cat.

  • I work interprofessionally, which means I can work with supervisees from a different profession. 

  • Interprofessional supervision benefits us both by:

    • Providing time and space to reflect on practice, to understand previous experiences and consider how these impact on approaching work.

    • Highlighting the commonalities in each profession and we learn from each other – I’m not the expert!

    • Supporting you in your work environment, to work with fellow staff members, managers, your pupils and other colleagues outside of the office in a safe manner, is not reliant on being in the same profession as the supervisee.

  • Creating the chance to be aware of what makes our professions different and challenge the accepted norms of our practice - I will inquire about your practice, your Code of Ethics. This, as well as obtaining further skills and knowledge from other disciplines, results in improving practice.

  • As a full professional member of ANZASW and a Registered Social Worker with SWRB, I am bound by the professional code of ethics and conduct of both organisations.

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